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Sally Bones
Sally Bones
Current: Sally Bones' Gang
Sally Bones
Book Appearances
Living: Varjak Paw, The Outlaw Varjak Paw
Sally Bones is a thin, white cat with one ice blue eye and the other missing, showing just a dark shadow. Her ribs stick out as if the were trying to escape her.[1]


Book Appearances

Varjak Paw

Holly and Tam mention Sally Bones in the beginning of the first book - she rules one half of the town.

She first appears with her gang when Varjak Paw and Holly wake up to see her. She questions why she did not know of them. Razor then steps up to her saying he didn't think it would matter, only to be slashed in the muzzle by her. Varjak uses The Way to defend himself. She the questions how he learned these skills, but does not mention them by name. Varjak answers by saying that Jalal taught him. She does not believe him, and says that he'd be long dead. When a dog attacks her gang flees, leaving her alone, screaming that if they stayed they could've defeated it. After a moment of hesitation, she disappears.

The Outlaw Varjak Paw

Sally Bones now rules the entire town, Ginger's gang joining her, and him disappearing. She now rules the center also, She also has the 'law' now, which means no one that is in her gang is allowed to hunt. Having Holly, Varjak, and Tam being outlaw. If somecat breaks her 'law', she rips their ears and tail off and puts it out in the open for cats. Then, in the end of the book, Varjak confronts her and holds on until sunrise. The sunlight blinds her, making her flinch. Varjak then pushes her off the building, which results in her death. The book says there was a chip of the bluest ice melting in the snow, which may have been her eye. It also mentions that one of Holly's mustard-colored eyes turns ice-blue, which may have been her eye.




References and Citations

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